Athletics Prediction Contests (33rd edition)

For the 19th World Athletics Championships
Budapest Saturday 19 - 27 August 2023

Contest 1: Predict all the medal winners.
Contest 2: Predict the 20 biggest favorites in Oregon.
As usual no entrance fee and the traditional money prizes.

(Pre)-registration is possible. With your pre-registration I will inform you by e-mail as soon as athlete picking
is possible. This is usually about 5/6 days before the start.

The contests close for your last mutations Friday August 18th 2022 24:00 (CEST Time - GMT +2:00)

That is about 8 hours before the start of the first athletics event in Budapest - Direct a final: 20km Race Walk men.

GDPR: With registration you agreed that your entries, scores, name, country are stored and published on this site.

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The All time Top3 and Pick20 rankings (default based on Average Percent Rank) are updated and are lead by:
Oliver Garner and Joaquãn Carmona Torre.

Ronald vW

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Scoring model for 2023
Figures Prizes(sponsored by the organizer)
 Description   Event   S   Athlete   Country   Value   Top3 No. 1   Top3 No. 2   Top3 No. 3 
 Nr of top3 entries  6  100 € 50 € 25 €
 Nr of 100% completed entries  0 
 Nr of valid entries (>=50% complete)  0 
 Description   Event   S   Athlete   Country   Value   Pick20 No. 1   Pick20 No. 2   Pick20 No. 3 
 Nr of pick20 entries  0  100 € 50 € 25 €
Hall of Fame Top3
 Year   Winner   Country 
 2022   Palmiro Candreva    ITA 
 2021   Santi Velasco    ESP 
 2019   Alvaro Marin    ESP 
 2018   Gustavo Candelas    ESP 
 2017   Jonathan Phillips    IRL 
 2016   Sampsa Lahtonen    FIN 
 2015   Gustavo Candelas    ESP 
 2014   Jacobo Fernandez    ESP 
 2013   Frank Meier    GER 
 2012   Ferdinando Fanin    ITA 
 1988 - 2011   more ... 
Flag Counter
Hall of Fame Pick20
 Year   Winner   Country 
 2022   Michel Stebbins    USA 
 2021   Martin Limo    GBR 
 2019   Johan Timby    SWE 
 2018   Daniel Grooms    GBR 
 2017   Frans Häggblom    FIN 
 2016   Ruben van den Berghe    BEL 
 2015   Marc Masip    ESP 
 2014   Joeri van Egmond    NED 
 2013   Simon Rio    ESP 
 2012   Bastiaan Kors    NED 
 2007 - 2009   more TFN ... 
Participants 2023 Top3
 Id   Name   Country   % Ready   Date 
1Robbie Dale GBR 0%06-03
2Fred Raddato PYF 0%03-19
3Scott Dawson USA 0%03-01
4Simon Rio ESP 0%02-19
5Daan Kneppers NED 0%02-09
6Ronald van Weele NED 0%01-05
Participants 2023 Pick20
 Id   Name   Country   Date